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About us :

Golden Aged And Albinism Support And Protection Programme (GAASPP) is a regional based community organization working in western parts of Kenya to provide a platform and partnership towards building champions from the marginalised/vulnerable people with albinism and the vulnerable aged .

GAASP works in collaboration with national security agencies ,faith based organizations ,learning institutions ,media,national and county government ministries and other affiliate NGOS in providing both physical and mental health support ,expanding space for advocacy and capacity building for social and economic self-sustainability, shelter provision and environmental conservation .
The idea to set up GAASPP was initiated by social workers , health officers ,extension field officers and security personnel with a vast experience in both governmental and non-governmental agencies whose motivation was primarily based on humanitarian support being offered in their respective fields and direct feedback on the existing gap .GAASPP has its main regional office based at Webuye town .


Building champions from marginalised and vulnerable person with Albinism and the aged members of the community


To empower and enlighten society on the vulnerable both locally and internationally.

What we do / programs

As a regional based organization ,GAASPP participates in a number of programs that includes


GAASPP seeks to enlighten locals on the need to respect and treat people with albinism and the aged as human beings (as it is an inherent right ) through tournament organizations ,school open forums ,faith-based organization sermons ,media house programs , barazaaz

Capacity building

Through trainer of trainee programs GAASPP carries out educational entrepreneurial skills that empowers the vulnerable on soap making ,beadwork ,poultry ,carpentry, cladding and animal husbandry .

Stigma reduction and management

GAASPP carries out weekly home based guidance and counseling sessions as follow up strategy on the affected people with albinism through the mentor-mentee programs.

The aged and shelter support

Based on the genuine and ascertained data on the number of the homeless people with albinism and the aged (both old men and women) ,GAASPP endeavors to set up the homes for those who lack and further improve existing ones to provide a better accommodation space as way of stigma reduction and self-esteem improvement.

People with Albinism Social Welfare

We aim to help people with albinism to be able to fit in society comfortably this is achieved through society sensitization on the condition and by providing necessities such as suncreen.

Social clean up days

We do periodic clean ups of aged people homes to ensure they live comfortably

Our pillars

Hygiene and sanitation
Basic need support
Advocacy and phycosocial support
Skill enhancement

Our Values

GAAPPS is guided by the major principle of “Iam because you are” alongside the following other :








We are open to external support in order to achieve our goals

We are also open to non-monetary partnership and collaborations. Reach out to us through Email: / 0726 171 502

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Mpesa : 0726 171 502

Our Recent Works

Our recent projects that is ongoing in aid of our members welfare

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We've partnered to ensure we offer best services to our members


Supporting communities improve quality of life through sustainable methods and inclusive community setup

About us:

      Location : Webuye, Bungoma County