Members of Gaaspp are trained on different skills from which they can use as a means of earning for sustainability of both themselves and the families around them These include;


Skills that relates to creating patterns out of beads are instilled to members This in turn helps them create stunning work as the bead patterns are applied to handbags or earrings. The final product is then sold.

Mat Making

Mats are designed with small beads,different fabric or writings and afterwards attached to the mat clothing. This adds value to mats, creatig a better chance of better return at sale.

Soap Making

Both bar and liquid soap are made by Gaaspp members as trained. Hygiene is maintained through its use. Surplus is sold to buyers earning them a living

Artemisia Production

Artemisia Works as mosquito repellant therefore its production will assist members sell this as a product and in return earn a living


Capentry skills are taught to members. this enable them to create furniture which will be sold to propecting customers, earning them a living from the trade and skill

Poultry Farming

Chicken rearing and other poultry helps the farmer, in this case a Gaaspp member earn returns from sale of meat and eggs and at some point the droppings as manure.

Salon/Hairdressing and beauty

We train our members in salon and hairdressing along with beauty skills to enable them apply these skills in clients and earn themselves an income. They learn braiding and hair treatment along with nail polish application.


Supporting communities improve quality of life through sustainable methods and inclusive community setup

About us:

      Location : Webuye, Bungoma County